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Karl Meier, Ken Meier, Israel Vines

‘I’ve spent the last years of my life working in commercial media: that is, information packaged for consumption in order to make money for large organisations… Most of what you read and hear is produced in accordance with these “package-consume-money” conditions as we are encouraged to live not our own but others lives. This is not an entirely irrevocable fact of life in our present state. From my work I now understand that mainstream media seeks to ignore any Truths as much as it can. This force, with such power over our lives, actually prevents us from realising certain root facts — we all die, and virtually everything presented to us on this material plane is one long trivial diversion and denial of that fact. There is, of course, considerable pleasure in trivia, in consumption — otherwise it wouldn’t work — but it is important to realise that our life is temporary and that the way we live is a temporary state — brought on by various economic and social forces — and that, contrary to the propaganda, we needn’t and won’t live this way much longer. This realisation is at once terrifying and liberating…

Our society — and we too — work by pretending that ours is the only age; the past, the future do not exist except in terms of the present: the best work is that which doesn’t remind you, but puts you into other, future, past, alternative present ways of thinking and being.

I salute the future. We are taught today that there is little, that there is nothing. If only we knew it, there is everything and anything.’

— Jon Savage, The Tape Decays, London/Manchester, 1981


XXXIV  ⁄  Ken Meier
Double Standard

XXXIII  ⁄  Israel Vines
Those Tragic Northside Girls

XXXII  ⁄  Israel Vines
Isomagnetic Part 2

XXXI  ⁄  Israel Vines
Isomagnetic Part 1

XXX  ⁄  Karl Meier

XXIX  ⁄  Karl Meier
Future Shock

XXVIII  ⁄  Ken Meier
The Teen-Age Message

XXVII  ⁄  Israel Vines
And Came the Night

XXVI  ⁄  Ken & Karl Meier
Instant Club Hit

XXV  ⁄  Israel Vines
From Boulders to Sand

XXIV  ⁄  Ken Meier
Force at a Distance

XXIII  ⁄  Ken Meier
The Needs of the Many

XXII  ⁄  Israel Vines
No Future to Win

XXI  ⁄  Israel Vines
Trouble Down

XX  ⁄  Ken Meier
The Map is Not the Territory

XIX  ⁄  Ken & Karl Meier
Postmodern Sigh

XVIII  ⁄  Israel Vines
Recovery Methods

XVII  ⁄  Ken Meier
Frequency Response

XVI  ⁄  Ken Meier
Girls Don’t Count

XV  ⁄  Israel Vines
Lineage & Territory

XIV  ⁄  Ken Meier
Red Light Down

XIII  ⁄  Ken Meier

XII  ⁄  Jeff Pietro
Born on Your Knees

XI  ⁄  Jeff Pietro & Karl Meier
Something Must Break

X  ⁄  Ken Meier

IX  ⁄  Karl Meier
The Shaming of the True

VIII  ⁄  Karl Meier
Mono No Aware

VII  ⁄  Ken Meier

VI  ⁄  Ken Meier
Something for Nobody

V  ⁄  Jeff Pietro & Karl Meier
Standards & Practices

IV  ⁄  Israel Vines
Silence Envy

III  ⁄  Jeff Pietro & Karl Meier
Disheveled Stars in Burnt Out Bars

II  ⁄  Israel Vines
Dem Now Arrest

I  ⁄  Jeff Pietro & Karl Meier
The Hard Way In & The Easy Way Out